New Stone

Our superior stone collections are sourced from limestone and marble deposits all across the world. The excavation and fabrication processes are lengthy and labor-intensive, but these precious buried treasures are worth the effort.

Centuries of Tradition

From the beginning, E/S has been dedicated to finding new and rare materials that possess unique character and rich history. That journey began in France—a country whose natural bedrock would, in many ways, become the very foundation of our company and our work.

Dating back even further than its renowned winemaking heritage, French limestone has a venerable legacy of its own. Naturally abundant throughout the country, limestone is the primary material used in the vast majority of its architecture. For centuries, its castles, chateaux and monuments—from the cities to the countryside—have been built using this widely available, incredibly durable and diversely beautiful stone.  Limestone endures as one of the most popular building materials throughout Europe and the world.

“The genuine beauty of these materials gathers a wide spectrum of creative and passionate people willing to do the hard work.”


Unearthing the Exquisite

As a general category of natural stone, limestone can vary greatly in both its coloration and characteristics—exhibiting both high and low levels of variation and fossilization, and a virtually endless palette of color tones and temperatures. Limestone offered us a beautiful, versatile material that could integrate seamlessly into any design. 

As pioneers in the industry, we began to create our own aging and finishing techniques that could authentically capture the look and spirit of those historical limestone installations. We traveled far and wide, discovering new quarries around the world, and continued to innovate and hone these methods. Today, our expertly-curated collections represent the most unusual and exceptional natural stones we have found in our global search.

“There’s this symbiosis between a producer and the designer or architect. We are leaving a mark in time on the buildings where our stones are placed.”


Sustainable Production

Working in tandem with our suppliers, we make every effort to keep our ecological impact low. The machinery and technologies used in both the quarries and factories are continuously evolving towards lower energy consumption. Solar panels, biodegradable fuels and in-house water treatment facilities have become standardized in our production process. Waste reduction is also a key component of our operations model. 

Materials are sourced in relation to the abundance of naturally occurring stone deposits, and our operations adhere to all local and national environmental regulations. Our partners perform regular audits in a continuous effort to neutralize our carbon footprint. Every quarry is backfilled and completely restored after its closure to ensure the site’s full ecological recovery.


Alexis Nataf
Founder Exquisite Surfaces

The Art in the Craft

Though machinery is used for the extraction, transportation and fabrication of the raw materials, the final step is left to a team of expert stonemasons. With precision and care, they thoughtfully cut the materials to size, finishing every slab and piece in a variety of surface textures to highlight each stone's innate beauty. The journey from quarry to installation can take weeks, or even months, but that patience is always rewarded. 

Our individual stone collections complement a range of desired styles, from the rustic to the contemporary. The unique products that we offer showcase the inherent diversity of these sacred natural resources.

"With hard work we unearth these precious materials. With deep respect we transform them. And with great pride we share them."

Franck Nataf
Founder Exquisite Surfaces

the story continues

Every one of our products takes an extraordinary journey. Crafted with respect and care, they have passed through the hands of countless artisans on their way to destinations around the world. Their legacy can live on in your next project.