Our Story

At your service since 1997

Founded by Paula Nataf and her sons, Franck and Alexis, Exquisite Surfaces has become a trend incubator – a studio where iconic architects and interior designers from all over the world come for versatile, cutting-edge materials.

Transport, define, inspire.

With an unyielding passion to search for the world’s most exciting surfaces, our founders are renowned for venturing into uncharted territory with new colors, textures and effects and striking a balance between supreme quality and dazzling aesthetic.

Exquisite Surfaces has received acclaim in the design community for understanding the vital role that innovative surfaces play in defining truly unique spaces. As Paula says, ‘a floor is a canvas, a space that can transport, define, inspire’ – possibilities are infinite. We reveal the beauty of a room from the floor up.

“A floor is a canvas, a space that can transport, define, inspire.”

Paula Nataf
E/S Founder

Tradition, style, service.

Since we opened our doors in 1997, Exquisite Surfaces has used these three words to define everything we do. It begins with the meticulous selection of our antique salvaged materials, develops during the creation of our unique handcrafted and reproduction lines and stands the test of time in the enduring relationships we establish with our clients. We travel the world over – forging deep connections with both suppliers and local artisans – on a constant search for new and exciting materials to bring home to you.

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