Beneath the Surface

The bathroom is often considered one of the more utilitarian areas of our homes. All function, no flair. Our favorite designs, however, don't sacrifice style for what's practical. The solution? Tile, of course. With its diversity of colors, patterns and personalities, this classic choice is the perfect antidote for a boring bathroom. Tile allows us to customize one-of-a-kind, indelible designs in unconventional ways. 


Neutrals & Naturals

Earth tones and neutral colors are ubiquitous in bathroom designs for their ability to soothe and instantly connect us to the elements. From terra cotta to porcelain and ceramic, utilizing tiles in this natural palette is anything but boring, and makes creating a serene atmosphere in your bathroom a walk in the park. 


Design: Studio Shamshiri

Design: Sarah Magness / Photo: Adrian Gaut

Source: Meghan Shadrick Interiors

Design: Alexis Nataf

Source: Commune Design


Bathed in Blue

Cooling, gentle, and quite apropos for such a water-centric space, blue is one of the most popular color selections for bathroom designs. Said to slow our heart rates and breathing, tiles in this soothing shade have the power to instantly relax us, setting the perfect tone for feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


Design: Studio Shamshiri

Source: Commune Design

Source: Commune Design

Design: Casa V Interiors / Photo: Jessie Preza

A Punch of Pattern

Classic or contemporary, funky or fancifulintroducing patterned cement and ceramic tiles is the easiest way to make an instant stylish statement. With countless cultural motifs and artistic traditions to choose from, patterned tiles can make a world of difference when creating a unique bathroom design.


Design: Suzy Hoodless / Photo: Lucas Allen

Design: Franck Nataf

Source: Commune Design

Design: Adam Lippes / Photo: Stephen Kent Johnson

Source: Heidi Caillier Design

Design: Sarah Solis / Photo: Shade Degges


Moody & Marvelous

Rich woods, dusky color tones and subdued lighting aren’t off limits in the bathroom. In fact, some may prefer them for such a private, personal space. Tiles in darker shades with rustic textures and patinated surfaces can add tremendous character and lend a luxurious, moody ambience to the modern lavatory.


Design: Jane Hallworth / Photo: Laure Joliet

Source: Sasha Bickoff

Design: Avery Cox Design / Photo: Lindsay Brown Taunton

Source: Commune Design

Source: Sheila Kramer Interiors


With their versatility, durability and ease of maintenance, tiles will always be the go-to material for designing bathroom spaces that are not only functional but also visually stunning. Whether you're about to begin a new project or planning an upcoming renovation, tiles can offer you unmatched flexibility for creating a personalized bathroom that invigorates, inspires and expresses your unique style. 

Did any of these projects give you inspiration for your own bathroom? Let us know!



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