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Porcelain tiles in a palette of four neutral colorations. With two distinctive finishes, Traviata flawlessly recreates the look of vein cut and cross cut stone.

A durable and versatile flooring alternative, Traviata captures the timeless beauty of travertine.

Available in multiple size formats, thicknesses and slip-resistant surface textures.

Luxe Vena

Aurum Falda

Tibur Falda

Lapillo Vena

A celebration of character and a commitment to craftsmanship you won't find anywhere else.

Traviata is produced in Italy, which has become the leading innovator in sustainable tile manufacturing and technology.

Thoughtfully crafted in two distinctive finishes that capture the authentic look of vein cut and cross cut natural travertine.

These tiles honor centuries of tradition and embody a forward-looking approach to low-impact flooring alternatives.