We work with some of the most plentiful and renewable resources available on the planet. Maintaining their continued sustainability is our top priority, and a pledge we take very seriously. The materials we use to create our products will always be sourced according to the strictest low-impact practices and ethical guidelines.

"Nature has given us these incredible gifts. We have a duty to treat them with the respect they deserve."

Franck & Alexis Nataf
Owners, Exquisite Surfaces

Our Planet

A source-and-rebuild model helps us fit within the natural flow of our ever-evolving planet—through a cycle of responsible harvest and rehabilitation. Great care is taken to minimize our footprint during production, which begins with environmentally-conscious practices such as water conservation and filtration and the use of biodegradable fuels, and ends with the complete restoration of the forests and quarries in which we work. 

Every effort is made to maximize our usable product while repurposing waste and scrap material for alternative uses. We proudly participate in certification programs with internationally-recognized organizations, like the FSC and PEFC, which hold our suppliers accountable to rigorous quality controls and environmental guidelines. Carbon neutrality is our ultimate goal, a standard already achieved and maintained by certain factories within our network of operations.

A deep, abiding respect for our planet and its diverse, living resources guides our approach to production. In our industry, truly sustainable practices must account for the human impact felt through every step of the journey. From the earth, through the supply chain, to installation in projects all around the world—dedicated conservancy measures help us honor these precious gifts, promote their continued availability, and ensure the ecological health of our planet.

We strive to leave no trace in these sacred spaces.

Our Products

The amount of construction waste produced by our industry annually is staggering, and we believe it’s an unconscionable squandering of the planet’s resources. Our new wood is harvested from trees that have been growing for centuries. Stone sourced from the quarries has been forming over millennia. Therefore, our goal is circularity—to first minimize rates of consumption and then, through careful handling and fabrication, extend the usable lifespans of every one of our products. 

We also offer an extensive selection of reclaimed wood, stone and tile options. Pulled from old homes, farmhouses and building deconstructions, we go to painstaking lengths to salvage these rare finds and give them a second life. Our emphasis on these unique materials, which only require restoration and relocation, enables us to bypass the environmental impacts of sourcing and production entirely.

Precision and patience yield products that last a lifetime. 

Our People

Our products are crafted with care, protected and perfected by countless hands along their journey. The strong network we’ve built among our suppliers, sawmills, artisans, craftsmen and flooring experts is rooted in a common set of ideals. We work with small-scale operations, many of them family-owned, who have honed these traditional skills for generations. They take great pride in providing responsibly-made, high-quality products. And it’s a passion we share.

The work we do is built on connection—developing relationships with people whose values align with our own. Maintaining sustainability takes a community. We will continue to do our part–-in proactive and innovative ways–-to offer environmentally sound and ethically-sourced products that have been designed to stand the test of time. It is our duty and an honor to preserve the legacies of these extraordinary materials.