Reclaimed French Oak

Carefully salvaged from residences and country farmhouses throughout France, our reclaimed oak dates back to the 17th century and earlier. With great respect, the expert craftsmen in our ateliers restore each plank by hand to give these extraordinary antique materials a second life in new installations.

Part One

The Discovery

In 2003, six years after Exquisite Surfaces first opened its doors, founder Paula Nataf made a discovery that would forever change the course of her business and the landscape of the flooring industry. While visiting France, she found herself on a two-day excursion to the small town of Haute-Marne to meet an elderly farmer whose barn was filled to the rafters with antique parquet. Without hesitation, she bought it all.

She knew these remarkable materials needed to be shared with the world. And so, from a fateful meeting in the remote French countryside, one of the first and finest reclaimed wood flooring operations was born.

“Everything we do is driven by intuition. We see something we love and say, How can we make it work?”

Franck Nataf
Co-Owner, Exquisite Surfaces

Part Two

The Restoration

Most reclaimed wood available on the market today is simply cut from old construction beams. Exquisite Surfaces sets itself apart by using actual boards pulled from previous flooring installations. In the hands of our expert craftsmen, this rigorous and painstaking process distinguishes E/S as the leading purveyor of authentic reclaimed wood flooring of the highest possible quality.

In its ateliers, Exquisite Surfaces turns what could have been a lost cause into a labor of love and passion. The company pioneered state-of-the-art restoration techniques, including re-tonguing, re-grooving, and planing to transform this vast trove of battered planks into an adaptable and usable product with unmatched longevity.

“We are proud and delighted that clients highly value the authenticity of these materials and the centuries of French heritage.”


Part Three

The Legacy

Every year, the equivalent of 27 million trees are tossed into landfills in the form of construction waste. We believe this to be an irresponsible squandering of earth’s living resources and a tragic waste of beautiful work that has been crafted to stand the test of time.

Exquisite Surfaces has made it a top priority to innovate the best installation practices to ensure the longevity and reusablility of these storied floorboards. It is our hope that they continue to be enjoyed for generations to come. Caring for these rare materials is our duty. Preserving their enduring beauty and the traditional craftsmanship they represent is an honor.

"our goal is to ensure that these rare and special gifts can be enjoyed for generations."

Franck & Alexis Nataf
Owners, Exquisite Surfaces

the story continues

Every one of our products takes an extraordinary journey. Crafted with respect and care, they have passed through the hands of countless artisans on their way to destinations around the world. Their legacy can live on in your next project.