From Forest to Floor

The story behind our wood collections begins in the old-growth forestlands of France and Europe. Undisturbed for centuries, each tree is responsibly sourced and carefully selected for our unique product lines by our trusted network of skilled suppliers.

Step One


The raw oak used for our flooring comes from forests throughout Europe, primarily France and Belgium. The particular climate in this region yields remarkably large, straight logs with a characteristically tight wood grain.

The forest areas are carefully maintained and managed, and trees are selected in adherence with strict standards according to their quality, suitability and age—only harvested once they reach their full maturity of 150 years. The areas are then repopulated with new plantings to ensure the future health of the forest.

“Every individual board has its own identity. We do all we can to honor and transform what nature offers us."


Step Two


Once the trees have been harvested, they are transported for fabrication. Logs are inspected and sorted before entering the sawmill, where they are cut into individual planks and planed. During production, every effort is made to uphold consistent quality controls while maximizing the amount of usable product.

After growing in solitude for hundreds of years, these precious resources are now in the charge of master craftsmen who, with generations of experience and expertise, handle them with the utmost care.

"In a modernizing world, we hope these products will help us preserve an important link between the past and the present."


Step Three


The newly fabricated oak planks are then hand-finished to order using a variety of traditional methods and techniques. This final step is where the most dramatic transformations take place. Individual boards are molded, sanded and cut to size. Boards may then be distressed, cut for use in patterned installations, and naturally dyed using a multi-step reactive coloration process that highlights the natural grain and character of the wood.

After finishing, they undergo a final quality inspection before being packed and shipped for use.

"our goal is to ensure that these rare and special gifts can be enjoyed for generations."

Franck & Alexis Nataf
Owners, Exquisite Surfaces

the story continues

Every one of our products takes an extraordinary journey. Crafted with respect and care, they have passed through the hands of countless artisans on their way to destinations around the world. Their legacy can live on in your next project.