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The Cuvee Collection

Cuvée Gamay

European Oak — France

The highly flexible Cuvée collection celebrates the beauty of natural wood tones, inspired by French wines and their rich spectrum of subtle color variations. Gamay has a rich medium brown coloration achieved using a reactive finishing process.

Cuvée Gamay

Beneath the Surface

A History of Quality

The raw oak in the Cuvée collection comes from a single region in Europe, resulting in more consistent planks with lower variation than typical wood selections. Sourced in adherence with strict standards, trees are selected according to their maturity, quality and suitability for use in flooring applications. Every plank is finished using a variety of techniques and reactive processes. The unique finishes applied to each of the products in this collection are intentionally minimal, yielding a subtle and flexible palette that emphasizes the innate character and beauty of natural oak.

Why do we love it?

The subtle colorations that highlight the natural beauty of oak with a uniquely contemporary sensibility.

How does it look?

Cuvée Gamay has a rich medium brown coloration achieved using a reactive finishing process, and a contemporary finish.

How does it wear?

Minor to moderate wear can be expected over time, depending on traffic. Wood discoloration is inherent with consistent exposure to UV rays.

Where can I use it?

Suitable for indoor use in moderate and high traffic areas.


Product Information

Cuvée is available in three wood grades: Prestige, Premium and Standard.

Prestige features healthy knots with a diameter up to 15mm (5% of planks may differ).

Premium features healthy knots with a diameter up to 40mm (80% of knots are 25mm diameter or less). Filled open defects with a diameter up to 20mm (5% of planks may differ).

Standard features healthy knots up to 70mm, filled knots (max 40mm), some end cracks up to 100mm.

Format Engineered Planks
  • Prestige
  • Premium
  • Standard
  • 9/16" - 15mm
Plank Lengths
  • 70 7/8” (1800mm) to 110 1/4” (2800mm) with 5% of shorter lengths
Plank Widths
  • 7 1/16" (180mm)
  • 8 11/16" (220mm)
  • 10 1/4" (260mm)
  • Chevron
  • Herringbone
Cuvée Gamay

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Variation disclaimer

Because of the individualized nature of the materials we sell, many of the products have significant variation in size, shape, color, texture and thickness. These irregularities are inherent in hand-made and natural materials such as ours. It is the responsibility of the owner/purchaser and those acting on behalf of the owner such as the designer, architect, contractor or installer to verify that the material specified is appropriate for its final application and to review and approve all materials before the materials are shipped. Samples are available on request. Samples are given as an indication of a particular product and are for reference only. Due to the inherent variation in the size, shape, thickness, texture and color of our materials, individual samples cannot be considered exact representations.

Through expert photography, every effort has been made to faithfully represent our products and materials on this website. However, due to lighting and color variations, no picture can be considered an exact representation of the material being shown.