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The Modena Collection

Modena Beige

Porcelain — Italy

The Modena collection is crafted with modern metropolitan design in mind. Tile, mosaic and cobblestone formats are available in a range of textured, slip-resistant finishes and nuanced colorations that capture the true essence of natural stone. 

Modena Beige

Beneath the Surface

A History of Quality

The unmatched durability of porcelain and the timeless beauty of natural stone come together in the Modena collection. Porcelain tilemaking techniques date back to 15th century China and were quickly adopted globally due to the material’s strength and ease of production. Fine clay is mixed, pressed and fired at extremely high temperatures, yielding tiles with incredible density. Finishes are applied manually in a variety of textures and natural color variations to create a seamless, slip-resistant surface. The Modena collection is produced in Italy, which has become the leading innovator in sustainable tile manufacturing and technology. These tiles carry on centuries of tradition, while embodying a forward-looking approach to low-impact flooring alternatives.

Why do we love it?

The versatility and flawless representation of authentic natural stone.

How does it look?

Modena Beige has a warm beige coloration, with a finish that emulates the look and feel of natural stone.

How does it wear?

Very minimal wear can be expected with use over time.

Where can I use it?

Suitable for all indoor and exterior applications in any climate.


Sizing/Formats Available
  • Tile A: 23 5/8" X 23 5/8"
  • Tile B: 23 5/8" X 47 1/4"
  • Modulo Pattern #4: 23 5/8" X 23 5/8" (~43%), 31 1/2" X 31 1/2" (~19%), 19 11/16" X 31 1/2" (~24%), 11 13/16" X 31 1/2" (~14%)
Format Tile
  • Tile B: Natural Noble, Grip Finish
  • 3/8" (10mm)
Sizing/Formats Available
  • 7 15/16" X 7 15/16"
  • 7 15/16" X 11 15/16"
Format Cobblestone
  • 3/4" (20mm)
Sizing/Formats Available
  • Mosaico Tessere: 1" X 1 3/16" on 11 13/16" X 11 13/16" mesh
  • Murotto: 1 5/16" X Random Lengths on 5 7/8" X 23 5/8" mesh
  • exa mix: 2 13/16" X 3 1/4" on 10 1/16" X 11 5/8" mesh
Format Mosaic
  • 3/8" (10mm)
Modena Beige

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Variation disclaimer

Because of the individualized nature of the materials we sell, many of the products have significant variation in size, shape, color, texture and thickness. These irregularities are inherent in hand-made and natural materials such as ours. It is the responsibility of the owner/purchaser and those acting on behalf of the owner such as the designer, architect, contractor or installer to verify that the material specified is appropriate for its final application and to review and approve all materials before the materials are shipped. Samples are available on request. Samples are given as an indication of a particular product and are for reference only. Due to the inherent variation in the size, shape, thickness, texture and color of our materials, individual samples cannot be considered exact representations.

Through expert photography, every effort has been made to faithfully represent our products and materials on this website. However, due to lighting and color variations, no picture can be considered an exact representation of the material being shown.