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The Reclaimed Roof Tiles Collection

Reclaimed Bordeaux Roof Tiles

Terra Cotta — France

These rare Reclaimed Bordeaux Roof Tiles bring a rustic, refined character to conventional roofing projects. The rusty warm terra cotta, originally fabricated in the Bordeaux region, has a unique, rich patina created by years of natural weathering. 

Reclaimed Bordeaux Roof Tiles

Beneath the Surface

A History of Quality

The beauty and distinctive character of our Reclaimed Terra Cotta collection are without parallel. These traditional handmade flooring and roof tiles, first installed in the 18th and 19th centuries, are carefully salvaged from Spain, Belgium and various locations throughout France, including Provence, Normandy, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Lyon and the Loire Valley. Inspected for both authenticity and quality, these antique terra cotta tiles display rich warmth and a stunning, patinated surface from centuries of wear and use. Once reclaimed, the terra cotta undergoes an intense cleaning procedure that eliminates all traces of dirt and organic matter that has accumulated. They are then carefully packaged and shipped for use, to bring their rich history to new projects around the world.

Why do we love it?

The rustic visual interest and traditional, Old World Charm it brings to new roofing installations.

How does it look?

Reclaimed Bordeaux Roof Tiles are rounded, with a moderate color variation in darker orange and red tones, ideal for more rich and rustic roofing.

How does it wear?

After centuries of use, minor to moderate additional wear can be expected, further enhancing its rich patina.

Where can I use it?

Reclaimed Roof Tiles are suitable for use as roofing in warmer climates.


Product Information

Sizing for this product is approximate. Please contact us directly to confirm sizing and availability. This product does not arrive pre-drilled. Holes to anchor the tiles to the roof frame must be drilled by the installer prior to use.

Sizing/Formats Available
  • Length: Approx. 19 11/16” (50cm)
  • Wide End Width: Approx. 7 ½” (19cm)
  • Narrow End Width: Approx. 5 ⅛” (13cm)
  • Nominal
Reclaimed Bordeaux Roof Tiles

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For additional information about this product's usage guidelines, available stock, pricing and lead times, please contact our sales team directly.

Variation disclaimer

Because of the individualized nature of the materials we sell, many of the products have significant variation in size, shape, color, texture and thickness. These irregularities are inherent in hand-made and natural materials such as ours. It is the responsibility of the owner/purchaser and those acting on behalf of the owner such as the designer, architect, contractor or installer to verify that the material specified is appropriate for its final application and to review and approve all materials before the materials are shipped. Samples are available on request. Samples are given as an indication of a particular product and are for reference only. Due to the inherent variation in the size, shape, thickness, texture and color of our materials, individual samples cannot be considered exact representations.

Through expert photography, every effort has been made to faithfully represent our products and materials on this website. However, due to lighting and color variations, no picture can be considered an exact representation of the material being shown.