Topanga Residence

This residence in the Fernwood tract of Topanga, California has an artistic lineage that goes back almost 100 years. Built in the 1930s, its esteemed residents have included renowned furniture maker Jean Stehelin, his wife, Gwendalyn and their five children, as well as artist and sculptor Liza Lou, and her partner, graphic artist Mick Haggerty.

Formerly “Jean of Topanga” and later, “The Topanga Art House”, this historic location is now home to Exquisite Surfaces co-founder Alexis Nataf, and the site of Manalu, the beautiful yoga studio owned and operated by his wife, Lindsey. With the help of Alana Marie Interiors, Alexis brings vibrant flair and a sense of livable luxury to his design, while honoring nearly a century of creative expression.