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When Exquisite Surfaces co-owner, Franck Nataf, purchased the Ledgewood Residence in 2017, he knew who would give this historic Hollywood Hills home the thoughtful redesign it deserved: Architect and Interior Designer, Pamela Shamshiri.


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the ledgewood residence

Built in 1961, the Ledgewood Residence was originally designed by award-winning architect, Robert Kennard. During the course of his career, Kennard was the visionary eye behind over 700 residential and commercial projects across southern California. The home, located in Beachwood Canyon beneath the iconic Hollywood sign, has an outsized personality for its modest scale. From the very beginning, Nataf and Shamshiri’s shared priority was to preserve the inimitable character of this historic home while paying homage to the spirit of its original construction. 

“What would Robert Kennard have done if he were doing it now?”

Pamela Shamshiri,
Architect and Interior Designer

Pamela Shamshiri

Considered California design royalty, Shamshiri is one of the most influential forces in American design today. A founder of Commune Design and a set designer in earlier years, the Iranian-Italian founded Studio Shamshiri with her brother Ramin in 2016 and has since designed homes for musician Paul McCartney, actor Anne Hathaway and comedian Seth Rogen, a flagship store for jeweller Irene Neuwirth, the Maison de la Luz hotel and more.

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Photo (Left): Sam Frost

“I knew Franck needed something that was very indoor-outdoor, elegant and family-friendly, but really pretty slick. He is very stylish and he lives his life a certain way.”

Pamela Shamshiri,
Architect and Interior Designer

a new perspective

Shamshiri’s design includes a bold turtle green on the interior walls to capture the symbiotic relationship between the property and its natural surroundings. Various Exquisite Surfaces materials were creatively integrated to reinforce the home’s California modernist roots. A complete overhaul of the kitchen and dining areas created a more efficient use of space while maximizing functionality for modern living. Minor architectural adjustments were made to the main hallway, opening up the entire floorpan and allowing for unimpeded views into a beautiful courtyard renovation designed by landscape architecture studio, Terremoto.

"I feel like I’m suspended in a tranquil tree house when I’m sitting in the living room, with the green walls hitting the green leaves outside. Before the pandemic, I barely spent any time in the house as I am a big traveler—But it quickly became my sanctuary.”

Franck Nataf,
Co-Owner, Exquisite Surfaces