Skylt Spray & Wipe

The Spray and Wipe is designed to be used with Exquisite Surfaces varnish finished wood floors. The Spray and Wipe is not intended for regular cleaning, but rather for the cleanup of spills. This environmentally friendly spray provides residue-free cleaning of SKYLT treated surfaces.


Suitable for interior use on varnished Exquisite Surfaces wood floors.


  • Vacuum or sweep the floors to remove dust and debris.
  • Spray the SKYLT Conditioner Spray and Wipe onto a cloth, mop or directly onto the floor.
  • Clean the floor using light pressure.
  • Rinse the cloth or mop regularly during cleaning. Mops or cloths should be well wrung out to avoid getting the wood floors too wet.


SKYLT Conditioner Spray should be used as needed. Between cleanings remove dust with a vacuum or static pad.