Dry Treat STAIN-PROOF® Acidic Cleaner

STAIN-PROOF® Acidic Cleaner, formerly known as EFF-ERAYZA™, is a new technology acid cleaner for removing efflorescence, rust stains, limescale, grout haze, mortar mess and fireplace soot. Acidic Cleaner is very powerful and generally more effective to use than traditional industrial acids but does not produce noxious fumes, non-corrosive to metals (except for uncoated aluminium) and temporary contact does not burn skin.


Acidic Cleaner is suitable for: a wide range of non-acid sensitive stones and other hard surfaces, including granite, slate, basalt, brick, ceramic and porcelain tile, terracotta. Indoors and outdoors on floors, walls, facades, showers, masonry and brickwork.


  • Removes efflorescence, grout haze, rust stains, mortar mess and hard water deposits.
  • For non-acid sensitive: stones, pavers, tiles, bricks and masonry.
  • Safer to use than traditional industrial acids such as muriatic and phosphoric, non-fuming.
  • Super concentrated - 1 quart makes approximately 4 gallons of powerful efflorescence remover.
  • Chemically etches acid sensitive surfaces for added traction.



  • If satisfied with test results, first sweep or vacuum all loose dust and dirt from the surface.
  • Apply when surface temperature is between 40 – 95 °F (5 – 35 °C). Pre-wet surface with water.
  • Pour, brush or spray mixed solution generously onto wetted surface and leave for up to 3 minutes.
  • Do not allow solution to dry on surface. Clean large areas in sections.
  • Rub with a white nylon scrub pad, or similar, to clean the surface.
  • Always neutralize the acid by dissolving 1 cup of STAIN-PROOF™ Alkaline Cleaner (or other pH base/alkaline cleaner) into a bucket of fresh water and pour it over the surface. Let it sit for approximately 3 minutes.
  • Rinse surface thoroughly several times with clean water using a mop or wet vacuum 
  • Dilution Per Standard 2.5G/10 L Bucket 3/4 filled with clean water:
Efflorescence, Rust Marks, Fireplace Soot: 1/2 Quart
Grout Haze, Limescale, Soap Scum: 1/4 Quart
Mortar mess: 1 Quart

Add more STAIN-PROOF™ Acidic Cleaner if needed.