Aqua Natural Care

Aqua Natural Care is an eco-friendly, water-based product, which provides a high-performance protection against wear and stains.


Suitable for interior use on Exquisite Surfaces Campagne and Manoir Premiere Collection wood floors.


Apply with a microfiber pad or cloth. Allow approximately 1 hour for Aqua Natural Care to dry.


Approximately 425-524 sq. ft. per 1 liter bottle.


For optimal protection, apply one coat of Aqua Natural Care after installation. Re-apply Aqua Natural Care when your floors begin to have a dull appearance or start to show signs of wear. Signs of wear are when the floor appears dull, "less lively" in areas of higher traffic or when you notice some intake of water (discoloration of the wood) when the floors are washed.


  • Use the recommended cleaners and refresh the finishing coat as soon as you notice that your floor gets a dull appearance or starts to show signs of wear.
  • Avoid accumulation of dirt, sand or gravel.
  • Vacuum or sweep your floor at least once a week.
  • Place a mat or rug at doors and in high traffic areas to catch sand and gravel. Do not use mats with rubber or unventilated bottoms.
  • Use protective pads for furniture and chairs to prevent scratches when moving. 
  • Place coasters under flower pots and aquariums to avoid water stains.
  • Clean splashes and spills, as an excess of water can make the floor swell.